What is kids kitchen knife set?

What is kids kitchen knife set?

What is kids kitchen knife set?

It’s never too young to learn knife skills in the kitchen, as using a knife safely is a basic but essential part of everyone’s cooking journey. Of course, kids’ safety is the priority when they cut foods, so what is the best knife to get them started?

As far as we are concerned, safety, quality and usability are the most defining characteristics of a kid’s knife. Kibbidea kids kitchen knives set is designed with these three characteristics to help little chefs learn knife skills and feel incredibly confident and independent.


Kibbidea kids knives can be used safely and effectively without the possibility of accidental injury.

They have round tips and serrated edges, which offer protection to little hands. All knives are efficient at cutting foods but will not scratch skins. The blades are shorter than standard kitchen knives so that a child can easily control them. The handle fits well in small hands, and it also comes with a single finger groove to help position the fingers and prevent the hand from slipping.


Kibbidea knives have stainless steel blades with serrated teeth that will grab the food more easily and is less likely to slip. Each kids knife set includes three essential knives in the kitchen: a paring knife, a chef knife and a bread knife. With this knife set, the little chefs can cut everything, including hard foods like apples, soft foods like tomato, and slice loaf bread with a sawing action. They can also match knives to food to make cutting easier: the chef knife with a big blade is heavy-duty enough to cut through hard or big food; the paring knife with small and short blade allows to slice soft and small food precisely; the bread knife can slice through bread and cake easily.


Each Kibbidea knife is forged from one piece of steel, meaning the blade is solid and long-lasting. The riveted handle is made of durable and robust beech wood. It has a beautiful smooth surface providing a comfortable grip. Kibbidea also offers a full warranty. If you are not happy with a Kibbidea knife set for any reason, please let us know, and we will give you a refund or replacement.