How to teach kids knife skills?

How to teach kids knife skills?

How to teach kids knife skills?

Being able to safely use a knife is an important life skill. Today, we are talking about how to teach your little ones knife skills!

Start with kids friendly knife set

Start with kids safe knives is the way to go.You should handle kids safety knife to your little chef until they has gained the motor skills to control a sharp knife. Kids knife is light-weight and easier to control. It comes with blunt tip and serrated edge helping child to safely cut food . Besides, matching kitchen knives to cooking needs will bring more ease and precision to the cut as each type of knife has a purpose. Kids knife set which contains the three essential knives including a kid chef knife, a bread knife and a paring knife allows kids to match food to knife. It is the perfect choose to each little chef.

Teach and Model

The next step is to demonstrate the proper way to hold both knives and food to your kids. Although kids knives are safe to use, they need to treat them like “real” knives. That means no running with them, waving them around, or using them for anything other than cutting food. You should also establish other clear safety guidelines, including: Always pick up knives by the handle, choose the correct size knife for the task that you are doing; keep the tip pointed down while walking with a knife.(Cutting softer items lets kids get a feel for the sawing motion they need to successfully cut through their food.) 

Start with soft ingredients and develop confidence

Start with soft items: strawberries, peeled bananas, cucumbers, mango, cooked baby carrots to name a few. Kids can cut them with gentle pressure, that will be helpful to inspire their confidence.

Other tips for helping kids cutting food:

Halve round fruits or vegetables before giving them to your kids. This way they won’t roll around while kids are trying to cut.

Secure the cutting board by placing a damp kitchen towel or damp paper towel under it.