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Real Kitchenware Made for Little Chefs

What makes us specials?
  • Food-Safe Materials

Ensures the health and safety of kids.

  • Rounded Tips

Prevents accidental puncture.

  • Effective cutting

Our lightweight and easy-to-use knives enable kids to make precise and effective cuts.

  • Non-slip Ergonomic Handles

Provides a comfortable and secure grip.

  • Fun Designs

Our design includes bright colors and cute animal elements, bringing more fun to kids' cooking.

  • Giftable

Kibbidea kids' kitchenware comes with a giftable box and beautiful presentation, making it a thoughtful gift that symbolizes love.

Gold standard of knives for children

“I bought and compared many different brands of child-safe knives for my preschool program. These knives were in a class by themselves - able to cut even hard vegetables but very safe. They feel good in the hand. The children love these knives. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Gigi deMarrais

Great for little hands

”My granddaughter loves these knives! She’s 3 and is learning to cook. She very prou of this set.”

April Tanzy

Independent skills

Perfect for my kiddo learning independence in her daily living skills. She loves cutting up and making her own snacks.

Adriana Wautelet

Safe and fun

“Bought these for my budding grandchildren chefs. They love them and I’m happy knowing they are safe.”

Dottie Di Liddo

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Beyond Kids Safe Knives

Learn and have fun in the kitchen

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